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Gold e-Business 
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​A+ BBB Rating
My name is Kenneth Golden and for over thirty years Louisiana has been my home. The majority of these years, I lived in New Orleans, and since that time I have been through numerous major hurricanes. The worst needless to say was Hurricane Katrina, and the lasting effects of that monster altered the lives of many individuals, including my life forever. Since that ordeal, I have devoted a major part of my life to "Disaster Protection and Preparation".  
Life in the city of New Orleans is like living in a city that has a "Supernatural Stronghold" over all of the inhabitants that have ever lived there. This stronghold manifest itself in multiple forms. The history of these manifestations date back to the time of the Louisiana Purchase, and took on a pronounced expansion during the barbaric slave trades, and slave migration from West Africa to Haiti, the Caribbean, and New Orleans. The so called expressions of Voodoo, Hoodoo, Vampires, Sun & Moon Worshipers, Spirit Guides, Black Magic, and numerous other expressions of worship, have their roots dating back to Nimrod and Semiramis at the Tower of Babel. 

The information that I am about to reveal to you is both directly and indirectly related to everything that I have just discussed in the two paragraphs above. 

Keep your mind open to everything that is about to be presented to you. This is truly mind altering information that everyone should be aware of. However, there are forces out there that would go to extreme measures to keep you from having access to certain parts of this information.

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1.  Over the last five years, there have been rather unique weather changes that have sent scientist scrambling for answers. In this day and age you need to have access to considerable background information, so that you can plan for the future. That fact along with other critical factors has brought us to this point in time, where we have taken it upon ourselves to provide the information that the general public needs and must have to exist. You can obtain this information by visiting the(Center For Diversified Studies and Activities), on the Home Page

On this page you will view information about the past, present, and future, including (Your Possible Future Will Pass Right Before Your Eyes) - (The Direction of A lot of Environmental Tends) & (Our Two Global Climate Change Awareness Groups) which you are invited to join. You will view revolving photos of over 300 of our group members, revolving photos of unique world spots, and revolving photos of disaster shots.Gain Access Here   

2. Let's start off by viewing and assimilating the material that is waiting for you at the (Documentary About Katrina & What Went Wrong) - (There Was Also A Pet Tragedy During Hurricane Katrina) & (How Does Hollywood Portray Disasters?), on the Disaster Video Page. These video clips will open your eyes about three vital issues that my repeat in the near future, if proactive effort is not enacted. Gain Access Here  

3.  Don't just wait for disasters to happen before you think about protection. Make it a priority to obtain your (Universal Safety and Disaster Protection Kits) & (Protect Everything with State-of-The-Art Spy Products);  You can view them and obtain merchandise on the Protection  Page. Gain Access Here   

​​4. Now you can (View My Personal Disaster Based Publications) on the Disaster Publication Page. Here you will find many of my very interesting and useful publications, which will provide you with a wealth of information. Gain Access Here  

​​5. New Orleans and Louisiana in general is a Mecca for information about the supernatural and a grounded history about paranormal events. It is time for viewing and assimilating the material that is waiting for you at this (Haunted New Orleans Supernatural Documentary) on the Supernatural Page. Once there, you can also visit (My Five New Orleans Based Supernatural Publications). Gain Access Here 

6.  It is a known fact that all humans have short comings in various areas of their life. You may want to visit (My Self Help Page) at the link below, if you have not already done so. It is the perfect place to improve your self image and increase your personal income. There is very valuable information on the Self Help Page that most average business operations will not even attempt to approach. Gain Access Here   

​​I urge you to visit each and every page accessible through the highlighted green links listed above. You will find that you will have a unique, entertaining, and educational experience that will prove to be very useful in the very near future.

​​To your future,

Kenneth Golden

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